Smithereen Pest Acquires Pro-Tec Pest Control


Smithereen Pest Management Services has acquired Sheboygan, Wisconsin-based Pro-Tec Pest Control Services.

While Smithereen Pest Management Services has served customers in Wisconsin since 1888, this acquisition strengthens the company’s coverage in Sheboygan and east-central Wisconsin.

Pro-Tec Pest Control Service is one of the oldest pest management companies in the Sheboygan, Wisconsin area. The Company’s services include insect and rodent control services, including termite inspection and management services, landscape modification and bat management services.

“Pro-Tec Pest Control Services shares the same commitment to preventive and proactive pest management, and practices that are safe for people and the environment. By combining our resources, we can provide East Central Wisconsin with a leading solution for common pests, termites and bed bugs,” says Scott Seifert, Sales and Marketing Manager, Smithereen Pest Management Services.

Pro-Tec Pest Control Services Owner Ron Schulze and Technician Troy Messner will join the Smithereen Pest Management Services team, providing continuity and ensuring Pro-Tec Pest Management Services customers continue to receive the level of service to which they are accustomed.

About Smithereen Pest Management Services

Since 1888, Smithereen Pest Management Services has been one of the first pest management companies to provide an integrated pest management approach to pest problems, according to its website. Smithereen Pest Management Services’ proactive pest management offers safe and effective solutions to pest problems while simultaneously developing long-term strategies for sustained control.

Smithereen Pest Management Services has expanded to serve most Midwestern states with locations in Kansas City, Mo., and Niles and New Lenox, Illinois. The company also serves customers in Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Kansas and Wisconsin.


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