Clint Miller Exterminating Inc, a Mecklenburg County pest control company, keeps homes bug-free


Mecklenburg County, North Carolina – Clint Miller Exterminating Inc knows that pests are disruptive, which is why the exterminating team prides itself on providing professional and timely solutions. Since its inception over 30 years ago, the company has continued to protect individuals, families and employees from pests. The team uses the latest and most advanced materials, equipment and technology to protect the interior, exterior and surrounding areas of the properties.

The team approaches customers with respect, compassion and understanding during the pest eradication process. They offer one-stop extermination for infestations, monthly maintenance services to keep properties safe, and comprehensive pest extermination services to eliminate unwanted pests. Their customer-focused approach and comprehensive services have earned the company numerous 5-star reviews and positive testimonials.

There are many species of ants in Mecklenburg County. Some cause interior/exterior damage, while others are a nuisance. Clint Miller Exterminating Inc steps in to help property owners determine the type of ants they have on their properties and the most appropriate extermination approach. Exterminators are trained to remove German cockroaches, American cockroaches, wood cockroaches and bed bugs from hard-to-reach places in homes and offices. While fleas are common in homes with furry animals, wild animals such as birds, squirrels and mice can deposit fleas in the yard. When this happens, the homeowner should call an exterminator to find out the root cause of the flea infestation and treat the home to prevent future problems.

The Charlotte Pest Control Society deals with many general pests such as camel crickets, spiders, centipedes, and earwigs that are commonly found in Mecklenburg County towns. To protect families from unnecessary illnesses, the company eliminates pantry pests that crawl, live or lay eggs near food. They find out the type of pest and recommend personalized pest prevention plans to keep food fresh longer. Exterminators are also trained to perform rodent control, mosquito fogging and termite extermination.

While Clint Miller Exterminating Inc focuses on providing pest control services, the team puts in moisture barriers to discourage mold growth or wood rot. The company’s crawl space services adhere to each city’s building codes without compromising a client’s needs or budget. To maintain proper humidity levels in a home, exterminators step in to offer advice on dehumidification, humidity levels and crawlspace/basement requirements to keep mold, algae or dirt away. .

Additionally, the team is passionate about educating and empowering their customers, which is why they have written insightful articles about parasites. They have topics on flea prevention, mosquito elimination, waterproofing 101, holiday mouse prevention, common fall pests, and many more. To learn more about pest control, visit their website to schedule an appointment or call (704) 436-6607. The company is located at 8655 East Franklin Street, Mount Pleasant, North Carolina, 28124, USA.

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